NEXT GEN lamp dedicated for industrial use. Designed from scratch, allows new solutions improving the light distribution and temperature balance. It ensures good surface illumination in all sorts of halls and lower energy consumption at the same time.


Important technical parameters

A multipurpose LED fitting intended for using in the areas where high dust and moisture resistance is required.

Branded LED diodes and new LED GO! panels have influence on a very high luminous efficacy: 150 lm/W. It guarantees the best required lighting level and energy saving up to 68%. The solution based on integration of the diffuser and LED panel is applied in the fitting

The fitting has a lot of facilities making the mounting easier and faster: the system of diffuser suspension, adjustable mounting brackets ensuring the mounting tolerance +/-40mm

Technical data:

  • Light source: highly efficient LED GO!
  • Power: 16W – 70W
  • Total luminous flux: 2300 – 10 900 lm
  • Ingress protection class: IP66
  • Impact resistance body: IK09
  • Colour temperature: 3000K, 4000K
  • CRI: Ra>80
  • Protection class: I
  • Body material: PC
  • EEI: A++
  • SDCM ≤ 3
  • Dimensions (H/W/T) [mm]:1152/85/80; 1432/85/80
  • Diffuser type: MAT
  • Mounting: surface, suspended


  • Industrial buildings (factories, laboratories)
  • Warehouses
  • Car parks (underground and multilevel)
  • Sports stadiums, transport terminals and underground passageways.

Worth knowing:

  • TYTAN LED series has won the first prize in technical and commercial area lighting category during the 25th International Fair of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2017 in Warsaw.
  • Read the article on industrial lamps

More information:

24-48V low voltage version available

  • Dedicated to rooms where DC or AC electrical installation with voltage from 24V to 48V is available.
  • It will be used wherever there is a low-voltage power supply installation, including car services for lighting service infrastructure, basements in residential buildings.

More information:

Details & improvements

Lighting control – DALI, RCR

Lighting control system ensures to adjust the light intensity, to optimize the fittings operation and it allows to decrease the costs of use.

New LED GO! modules

New stronger LED GO! panels ensure exceptionally high luminous flux and lifespan of 100 000 h, and better control of LED diodes’ temperature. The luminaire shines over the entire length, ensuring even illumination of the diffuser.

Highest quality branded components

Branded components of the highest quality ensure reliability of working and reduct costs of servicing. Option with an emergency module enables proper lighting of evacuation routes.

Adjustable mounting grip

To make the surface mounting of the fitting maximally easy and fast, adjustable brackets with mounting tolerance of +/- 40 mm are used.

Improved temperature control

The fitting’s design gives the best warmth distribution to the outside and even temperature distribution inside, preserving the optimal conditions for LED sources, which guarantee a long-term and failure-free operation.

Rapid-A connection

Rapid-A connection makes the power supply fast and easy, and there is no need to disassemble the diffuser.

Three-pole or five-pole connectors

Three or five pole connectors used in the fitting enable to adjust it to specific requirements of each project (sensors, series connection).

LED GO! optics

Diffuser made of polycarbonate, dedicated for LED solutions, gives a perfect balance between high permeability of 93% and the correct light distribution. The light is on along the whole length of the fitting, which ensures even lighting of the diffuser.

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